The purpose of a flower

Do flowers become trees?
They shall fail.
The forest expects trees.
The flower has failed already
It’s younger self
It’s childhood dreams
It’s vision of a golden trunk,
with golden leaves.

Can a flower but stare?
There is a window
Not its window
Rather the eyes that see through it
And what it sees through it
And how it sees it all
And how no one else sees it like it does
And what it makes of what it sees.
It shall take comfort in that.

Does it do it to herself?
It does.
The flower is also the weed
The dryness
The dark
The chain
The scissor
The broken porcelain vase
The aimless arrow.

Is there a point to a flower?
To be born against all odds
To bloom.
To love the wind
To light up the garden
To feed the bees and butterflies
To wither in the blink of an eye
To survive the frost
To die overnight.

Shall it bloom in the darkness?
The void expands.
There is no garden
There is no rain
There’s too much rain
It’s cold in the shade
It burns in the sun.

Where will it live?
Let it live in a tree house
In a leaf
In a sunbeam
In a cloud
In a moor
In the abyss
By Orion’s Nebulae

Can a flower but be?
Bloom, flower.
Time is unrelenting
The forest will not wait
Before you wither.


Illustration by Edith Rewa


La niña pájaro

“¿Dónde estará lo que persigo ciega?
-Jardines encantados, mundos de oro-
Todo lo que me cerca es incoloro,
Hay otra vida. Allí ¿Cómo se llega?”
La Dulce Visión, Alfonsina Storni

Sobre una plataforma desolada
y dura como la rabia
vive una niña alada.

Sus patitas hundidas
en la brea hirviente
por la gravedad encadenadas.

Presa de su liviandad
Ciega de tanto pensar
Pasa los días revoloteando
Intentando volar.

Un cielo estrellado
Observa su cavilar
Pero a la hora de sentir
La niebla vuelve a entrar.

Palpita agitada
Exhala con esfuerzo
Sus alas le duelen
Desvanece el deseo.

Animalito alado
Con detonador en mano
Quiere vivir
Quiere explotar.

El gatillo atascado
Las alas oxidadas
Los ojos llorosos
Las palabras cortadas.

Observa callada
Grita en su interior
Quiere volar
Como todo a su alrededor.

Algo está mal
La ecuación no suma
El peso entorpece
Sus sueños se mudan.

El mundo gira
Y ella en su planicie
Intenta abrir las alas
Y sentir la brisa libre.

Vuela, niña pájaro
Siente, niña pájaro
No mueras en vida
No mueras en vano.

Sube tu frecuencia
Anhela, exalta, efervesce
Tu mente te entorpece.

Apóyate en la piedra firme
Enamórate del viento
El miedo sólo es un espectro.

Eres verbo y sustantivo
Lucha, pluma y risa
Todo lo que quieras
Todo lo que imaginas.

Vuela, niña pájaro
Intenta ser feliz
La cadena no existe
Tu temor es infantil.

Construye tu propio cuarto
Con flores, luz y miel
Eres lucha, pluma y risa
No te dejes caer.

Albrecht Dürer

Albrecht Dürer

The dimming lights

Before the lights leave completely
The city shines as if innocent.
Concrete seem harmless
Streets are empty
Only a hum.
Cars, screams, anger.

Nothing but air.

Rain has been falling.
Lovingly falling
Over the city.
Covering it with a sweet silver blanket.
That shimmers under the leaving lights.
It welcomes the resonance of blackness
The brightness of blackness
The temptation of blackness.

What creeps there in the shadows?
I hear it breathing
Without a blink
Its ears pressed
Waiting behind the line
The thin line where my lamp shines no more.
There it dwells and grows
Gruesome figure
Skin decomposing
The stench..

I felt safe just a minute ago
Watching the lights leave
Marveled by the shimmer
Seduced by the softness of the sky.
The cold wind knew
He hugged me and knew
That he would leave me
To fight the night alone
To face the demons alone
To shiver on my bed alone.

If only I could sleep
Let myself sleep
Leave my body to its mercy
Let my dreams own me
Let the night own me
Flood me
Be me.

The last sunbeams leave the city
Oh, the colors!
The glow!
I loose myself.
The vastness
I feel it.
It feels me.
We flirt.
We kiss.
Our secret.


Foto: Nathalie M.


I Must get it out.
Out of my brain
My mouth
My fingers.

Out, I tell you!
The helplessness
Of not being able
Of barely touching
Of almost screaming
Almost saying
Almost letting go
So close.

Not close enough
To satisfy me.
This appetite for emotion
This need for feeling
To feel as strong,
As Intensely as my thoughts
As my hand in a fist
As my anger towards me
Towards what I see of me
In what I hate
I the ones I hate.

I shiver
When faced with instinct.
How I envy you!
Action without reason
Feeling without guilt.
Spilling out guts and brain
Words and tears
Until there is nothing
But silence.
An everlasting ease
Peace of mind
Heart beat.

Stripped to the bone
Put back together again
Nothing left but skin
And nowhere else to hide.

I stood in the presence of instinct
Just the other night.
It didn’t look me in the eye
It showed itself through color
Pure and bare.
I felt small.
Reason creeping in
Self control

Is everything organized?
Are my shirts color-coded?
Can I tell you what to do?
Please do everything my way.
I’ll go crazy otherwise.
The chaos inside my head
Is somewhat blinding
It makes no sense
I cannot think.

Instinct tells me to scream
Reason tells me to hold it.


The touch of rain  

Even now, through all this rain
My eyes see no clearer
My breath reaches no further.
The tip of my nose
The scale of my sight.

The experience of warmth
I feel it
Briskly through my fingers
On my tongue.
On the drops that slide down my cheek
To my pillow
To the floor
Where they become nothing
Not even a dream of growth
The spur of an eventual flower
Fragile and ephemeral
A laugh
A thought
A bit of pain
Afflicted, welcome, received.
Not quantifiable
A spoonful of mistakes
A cup of good intentions.

It rains thunder
Over the greyness of the city
Over its doubts and secrets.
Nice, cold, fresh blanket.
Icy caress.
That of a giver of life
Disguised as an undertaker.

My backyard grows savagely
Clouds dance savagely
It all makes sense
This very minute of chaos
Of universal movement
A moment of life
Logical, stupid, passionate.

It makes sense for the rain.
It makes sense for my eyes
That see the rain pour
Who want to be that drop in free fall
The moment it hits the leaves
The road
A naked body
A word screamed
With all its might.

Still I am not wet
I don’t get wet
Watching from afar.
Dreaming from afar
That I will come close
And get lost
And be cold
And be storm
Be one with it
Dance with it
No ceremony
No expectations.
Just a moment
In the chaos.

Leave me alone world!
Don’t leave me!
Show me.
I desire nothing but to be wind and rain.


Flower In Bloom

Rapidly fleeting is the flower in bloom.
Fresh, scented, soft,
Evil and good.

Ever so naïve.
Bewildered by the morning caress
Even nights come as a rare gift
Of solitude and silence,
Where she thinks herself eternal
As the stars in her eyes
And the moon in her heart.

A soft twinkle of rain,
But a precious moment.
Suspended in the air
Between drop and drop
A sigh
A breath
A look
A dream
Hanging from the most fragile thread.
Invisible ray of hope
That the green, amiable garden
Will be there to hold.

Oh, dearest!
Flower in bloom.
Until a petal of yours feathers away
Eaten by time
Stricken by secrets
Lied to by smiles
In which you laid
Your flower life.
Petals withered and cold
Wrinkled and dry
Like the stars you once held in your stare
And the moon that once lived in your heart.

That second of life
That moment of despair
A scream so loud
So strong in your bones
You think you might crack
With the subtlest blow.
But you are wind.
You don’t break.
There’s a root you can’t tame.

Oh, stupid flower!
A flower no more
The next turn of the clock
That moment suspended
Between drop and drop
Heartbeat in you gorge
The one inhalation
Its all there is.
Right now
A touch
A laugh.
Ever so naïve.

If only it could be so.
The guilt of the innocent,
The hand of the kind.
I would kiss you forever,
Oh! Amiable heart.
The one true in nature.
Unfeigned mask
Sweet smell
Clear breath.
Flower in bloom.
I will nest you and love you
If you let me be you.