Flower In Bloom

Rapidly fleeting is the flower in bloom.
Fresh, scented, soft,
Evil and good.

Ever so naïve.
Bewildered by the morning caress
Even nights come as a rare gift
Of solitude and silence,
Where she thinks herself eternal
As the stars in her eyes
And the moon in her heart.

A soft twinkle of rain,
But a precious moment.
Suspended in the air
Between drop and drop
A sigh
A breath
A look
A dream
Hanging from the most fragile thread.
Invisible ray of hope
That the green, amiable garden
Will be there to hold.

Oh, dearest!
Flower in bloom.
Until a petal of yours feathers away
Eaten by time
Stricken by secrets
Lied to by smiles
In which you laid
Your flower life.
Petals withered and cold
Wrinkled and dry
Like the stars you once held in your stare
And the moon that once lived in your heart.

That second of life
That moment of despair
A scream so loud
So strong in your bones
You think you might crack
With the subtlest blow.
But you are wind.
You don’t break.
There’s a root you can’t tame.

Oh, stupid flower!
A flower no more
The next turn of the clock
That moment suspended
Between drop and drop
Heartbeat in you gorge
The one inhalation
Its all there is.
Right now
A touch
A laugh.
Ever so naïve.

If only it could be so.
The guilt of the innocent,
The hand of the kind.
I would kiss you forever,
Oh! Amiable heart.
The one true in nature.
Unfeigned mask
Sweet smell
Clear breath.
Flower in bloom.
I will nest you and love you
If you let me be you.



Child’s Play

We don’t stop playing because we grow old;
we grow old because we stop playing.
– George Bernard Shaw