Let the rain come
Let it pour.
Little musical water drops.
Life dripping down the window pane.

Come rain.
Be my home
Lift me.
Soak me.
Drown me.

Come rain.
Be my heart.
Clean me.
Love me.
Hug me.

Let the rain come.
Let the cold in.
Freeze my home.
Freeze my heart.
Let me sleep.

Come rain.
Let me love you.
Let me breathe you.
Breathe me.
Find me.

It’s pouring outside
It’s pouring inside
So much dirt.
So much pain.

Let the rain come.
Take it all away.
Take me away.

(Take me away)

(Take me away)

Come rain, old friend.
Come, let me love you.
I’ve been waiting for you.
Your cold embrace
Your icy kiss.

Take me away rain.
I want nothing more.
But to pour.
But to breathe.
But to live.

(But to live)

(But to live)

(But to live)