The purpose of a flower

Do flowers become trees?
They shall fail.
The forest expects trees.
The flower has failed already
It’s younger self
It’s childhood dreams
It’s vision of a golden trunk,
with golden leaves.

Can a flower but stare?
There is a window
Not its window
Rather the eyes that see through it
And what it sees through it
And how it sees it all
And how no one else sees it like it does
And what it makes of what it sees.
It shall take comfort in that.

Does it do it to herself?
It does.
The flower is also the weed
The dryness
The dark
The chain
The scissor
The broken porcelain vase
The aimless arrow.

Is there a point to a flower?
To be born against all odds
To bloom.
To love the wind
To light up the garden
To feed the bees and butterflies
To wither in the blink of an eye
To survive the frost
To die overnight.

Shall it bloom in the darkness?
The void expands.
There is no garden
There is no rain
There’s too much rain
It’s cold in the shade
It burns in the sun.

Where will it live?
Let it live in a tree house
In a leaf
In a sunbeam
In a cloud
In a moor
In the abyss
By Orion’s Nebulae

Can a flower but be?
Bloom, flower.
Time is unrelenting
The forest will not wait
Before you wither.


Illustration by Edith Rewa