The girl who slept

She loved to sleep and she’d fall asleep anywhere. Whilst walking through a park she’d find a cozy hole amongst the roots of an old tree, make herself as small as possible, and close her eyes as easily as if death was upon her. Life would go on around her as if nothing had changed: all that hectic, never ending pounding in the head, honking of the cars, yelling of couples who no longer know where love left them. Even rain, staggering storms, wouldn’t wake her. She’d sleep pleasantly and calmly, like a baby on his mother’s arms, like a sailor on a calm sea, like a fox under a moonlit night. But her case was even rarer. No matter the heat, the noise, the snow, the lack of a roof, the ruggedness of the floor, she would all of a sudden find herself overwhelmingly tired, as if poisoned by the air she breathed, her eyelids would start feeling heavy, pulled by invisible threads sewn to them, until she fell slowly onto gravity’s soft embrace.

She’d fall asleep in the middle of a cubicled office, on a cracked desert, on the bus, missing her stop over and over again. She’d fall whilst talking to her friends, with a fork full of food halfway to her mouth, in the middle of a break up, when playing with her nieces. She dozed of without control. The snake in the desert would hiss past her. Employers and employees would talk around her about facts and stats of the world’s ever decaying situation. Commuters would try to wake her up with no success. Her friends would roll their eyes impatiently and turn over to the next listener. Her family would move her plate from under her face right before she hit the table. Her lovers would leave heart broken and angry. Her nieces would tuck her with a blanket.

The world kept spinning as she dreamed away into a timeless space of clarity and quiet, with a clear path before her that she’d walk with ease, because she had walked it so many times before. She knew it by heart, the thin dust under her feet, the stars so clear above her head, the light that played with her hair as she breathed and smiled in this universe decorated with pink and light blue galaxies. She could see music being created before her eyes and deliciously cold water sprinkled her body.

The world revolved angrily, but she was long gone.

Picture taken by the Hubble Telescope

Picture taken by the Hubble Telescope


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