The dimming lights

Before the lights leave completely
The city shines as if innocent.
Concrete seem harmless
Streets are empty
Only a hum.
Cars, screams, anger.

Nothing but air.

Rain has been falling.
Lovingly falling
Over the city.
Covering it with a sweet silver blanket.
That shimmers under the leaving lights.
It welcomes the resonance of blackness
The brightness of blackness
The temptation of blackness.

What creeps there in the shadows?
I hear it breathing
Without a blink
Its ears pressed
Waiting behind the line
The thin line where my lamp shines no more.
There it dwells and grows
Gruesome figure
Skin decomposing
The stench..

I felt safe just a minute ago
Watching the lights leave
Marveled by the shimmer
Seduced by the softness of the sky.
The cold wind knew
He hugged me and knew
That he would leave me
To fight the night alone
To face the demons alone
To shiver on my bed alone.

If only I could sleep
Let myself sleep
Leave my body to its mercy
Let my dreams own me
Let the night own me
Flood me
Be me.

The last sunbeams leave the city
Oh, the colors!
The glow!
I loose myself.
The vastness
I feel it.
It feels me.
We flirt.
We kiss.
Our secret.


Foto: Nathalie M.


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