From the Editor: My Battle With the World’s Most Dangerous and Powerful Drug

I like what this guy says. True thing

Higher Learning

It’s a drug unlike any other known to man. It’s the most powerful and most widespread drug on the planet, but very few people know that it’s a drug and even fewer people know that they’re addicted.

It has existed for almost as long as our species has. It is responsible for more deaths than all of the wars of history combined. It’s been cut, chopped up and re-packaged millions of times, and most people have sub-consciously figured out ways to hide their addiction. But every once in a while, every single one of us comes up on a real good batch of it.

The high is intense. I mean seriously intense. It starts from the center of your forehead, ripping like a perpetually fragmenting lightning bolt through your brain and into your spine. Once it hits the spinal column it’s over. The drug courses like a hot wave through…

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