Mountain girl goes to the beach

(A couple of weeks ago I went to the beach. The day before our flight I wrote this and forgot about it until now. It was just a couple of unfinished paragraphs, that when reread made more sense as a poem and felt, in fact, already finished)

In desperate need of sand and sea,

I think as the day unfolds.

Passers-by honk.

Cars breath annoyed.

People smile without smiling.

I packed two days ago.

Shorts, towel, sun cream.

In my mind, I packed a month ago.

Books, all those messy thoughts,

That leftover energy

That had been lying around

In the fridge forever,


All safe in my grey suitcase,

Waiting to grow wings

And leave this city.

Leave everything.



Pack light I was told.

I couldn’t help it.

I even packed my bones.

My brain put on a bikini.

It will not listen anymore.

Mummbling to itself

Like a crazy person.

Snap out of it brain!



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